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Mosterd Gele Interieur Ideeën voor de lente

De lente is nu wel al inzicht en wat is het heerlijk om er naar uit te kijken! De lente staat voor frisse heldere kleuren. Er is dan ook niets leuker om na te denken over een frisse interieur make-over! Mijn persoonlijke, favoriete stijl is momenteel: Minimalistisch met een opvallende kleur, die staat voor de zon, de warmte en blijdschap. Je raad het al, de mosterd gele kleur!  De afgelopen jaren is het al een populaire kleur! Laten we er weer eens naar kijken met een "frisse lente" blik. Het kan zo ontzettend mooi zijn om een lichte, minimalistische sfeer te creëren in je woonkamer, slaapkamer, of zelfs in je tuin! Alsof je in het soms al te drukke leven, rust kan vinden in de lichte tonen, en een energie-kick kan krijgen van de zonnige mosterd elementen, allemaal in je eigen huis! In dit artikel neem ik je mee in mijn interieur stijl en visie voor de lente. Enkele artikelen zal ik ook linken, zodat je ze direct kunt bekijken en wellicht aanschaffen. 1. Koffie Kopjes Persoon
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Roasted Potato Wedges

Potato wedges are great as a snack or as a side dish, for lunch as well as for dinner. Ready to make some easy but tasty wedges? Here's how: Ingredients: 4 small to medium Potatoes (preferably firm boiling) Olive oil Spices Seasoning:  The spices you use to season the potatoes are totally up to you. Here's the seasoning I did: 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp dried basil 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp paprika powder Steps: Pre-heat the oven to 200 C 1. Cut the potatoes in half and cut the halves in wedges shapes like in the pictures below. 2. Drizzle  some olive oil on the wedges and give it a nice toss. 3. Sprinkle the seasoning, add a generous amount and toss it all again. 4. Put the wedges in the oven and let it bake for about 25 to 30 minutes. That's it! Serving tip: Tuna salad and sweet corn This recipe is inspired from  Pick Up Limes , so go take a look at the original recipe if you&

Female Engineer?

There I was.. scrolling through my You Tube feed, as this TEDx video came by: "Inspiring the next generation of female engineers". How did this video inspire me so much in only 20 minutes?? My study Recently I started studying Software Engineering. What made me choose this? First of all, I have changed my study preference as many times as the eyebrow trend keeps changing nowadays... Like I've gone from thinking about choosing a fashion designing study to a business study, from a medical study to a special development study. And then an engineering study.. I think you've got the idea now. I changed my study preference A LOT! It's really hard to choose a study, specially for someone like me, who literally overthinks EVERY SINGLE situation! I have always been someone who likes to do creative stuff. In fact I love creating stuff, like doing DIY's, create a blogpost or even thinking about a creative new idea for a school project. I really love thinking about

Sale Shopping Haul in January!

Hey everyone, The Christmas sale has started!! That means I've mostly been shopping online and visiting shopping centers for the past few weeks/days. I bought so many things, like I literally went crazy with the shopping. For the past few days some orders have been arriving, and I thought I'd share some of them with you all! I have so many stuff to put on the blog, but maybe I might bore you with all the stuff, so I thought I'll just show some of the stuff I recently got. By the way, I am so sorry for the bad quality of the photos. I need a new, good editing app, but for now I used..... uhm a Snapchat filter... Ugh I really hate this. As I always take pics with my phone, I want to edit them as good as possible and not just post them on my blog. I personally can't stand it when my photos are low quality. But for now I'll have to do it like this, at least until I find a good editing app. So I hope you still enjoy this blog post!

Why I love shopping in The Hague City Center!

Hey Everyone, The Hague is a special city for me, not only cause it's my home town, but because of the amazing shopping opportunity. The main The Hague center is just the best place to wander of in the beautiful shopping streets of the Hague. From big shops as Zara, H&M and Marks & Spencers to cute little coffee and tea shops! There is this good, at home feeling vibe there, where I'm sure of, that even if you're not from here, you'll feel at home there, not just because of the amazing choices of shopping and food places, but also the friendly shop workers, who are always willing to help you and make you feel comfortable. What I always say is that the The Hague City Center is my second home, because I feel so comfortable and happy when I'm there! My great memories of the center: Since I was like 6 or something my grandma and I visited the center and bougth a lot of amazing stuff, but our tradition was to always buy some Bram Ladash Fries! We still do

Chowmahalla palace l Hyderabad-India

Hey Everyone,  I just got back from India, and I must say this was the best India trip I ever went to! It's not only the shopping I love about India, (what most of my family & friends think..), it's much more than that! One of the best places I went is definitely the Chowmahalla palace! It's indescribably peaceful there, the only thing you hear is the wind blowing, birds and the water fountain, and of course some visitors:). That's probably one of my most favorite things about this place, for example outside the walls of the palace you hear cars, a lot of people and stuff, like it's so busy on the streets, but as soon as you enter the palace territory it's just you, the palace and the sounds of nature! And Oh my god, the details of the palace, like everything is so beautifully designed. Just beautiful!! Another great thing about this place is, that it has so much information about the history of the king, the palace and just Indian culture all togethe

Shopping Haul: Bershka, H&M & De Tuinen + OOTD

Hey Everyone, It's been a long time.. I've had a really really busy school year, because I had my finals. I can't tell you how much I missed just having the time to even think about writing a blog post! Like I feel like it's been a year. Anyway, I 'm back, and I hope to write regularly again, as it's summer break:) So I've been shopping a lot with my mom:) And of course I bought a bunch of stuff that I'd love to share with you all! SO keep on reading and enjoy! By the why I've been having some difficulties with editing the pics, so sorry for the bad quality.. 1. Jeans  I'm litterally in love with these jeans:) They are not only soo pretty, but also really comfortable! Like they are loose, but also a nice fit. I'd love to combine these with some light colored tops, like these boots. P.s. I really loved the combination of these boots from Missguided and the jeans, so I have a lot of pics! All thecredit of the pics goes to my little b