DIY Studs Wallet

Hey Girls,

That's why I'm going to post more often, you probably noticed I post less during school days.
Let's start...
I have a new DIY for you:)

Studs  were a musthave this summer, that's why I bought studs. I didn't knew what to make with them, but know I know:)
Even if they were so populair, I think you can still use them!
Hope you'll get inspired!

What you'll need:
- Wallet, ( I used a leather wallet)
- Small studs
- Superglue
This is very easy! Bend the pins of the studs to the inside.Glue the studs in a nice design with the glue. Allow it to dry.. 

And that's it!

Now you have a very trendy home made wallet!

Have fun and happy holidays

Fatima Fabulous


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