Hey Girls,
I love Brownies! That is why I decided, to show you how to make it yourself. It is very simple.

-150 grams of pure chocolate
-150 grams of butter
-125 grams of sugar
-125 grams of castor sugar
-1 small packet of vanilla sugar ,(8 gram)
-150 grams of self-rising flour
- ½ teaspoon of salt
-4 eggs

-baking paper
-tin: 20x30

Step 1:
Heat the oven to 175 ÂșC .
Put baking paper on the bottom of the tin and grease with butter.

Step 2:

Break the chocolate into pieces. Melt the butter and chocolate pieces in a bain-marie.
When it has melted and it has become a beautiful liquid you can remove it from the heat.
But continue stirring.

Add castor sugar and vanilla sugar into the chocolate mixture. Stir well, then add the flour and salt into the chocolate mixture. While stirring add the eggs.

Step 3:
Spoon the batter into the mold and smooth it out. Bake the brownies in the middle of the oven for 30 to 35 minutes.

Step 4:
Check with a toothpick if the brownies are done, by pricking into the brownies with a toothpick, while taking the toothpick out it should come out dry and clean.  Then let the brownies cool in the tin for another 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, cut loose the sides with a knife, put a plate on the brownies and turn the brownies upside down, so you have a nice finish, remove the baking paper and leave the brownies to cool off.

After 20 minutes you can cut the brownies in square pieces.

Did you try out this recipe? Did it turn out nicely? Please let me know in your comments, it would be great to know!

Fatima Fabulous

Tip: Sprinkle some powdered sugar on the brownies before serving!


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