Presentation about blogging!

Hey Girls,

I will soon be doing an English presentation about blogging in school for English. I chose blogging because I'm a blogger myself of course, and it's something I'm really passionate about. I love Blogging! I'ĺl be discussing the next points in my blog: What is Blogging? What types of Blogs are there? Why did I start a blog?...and more.
My presentation is about one and a half week away. Of course I already started preparing my presentation. But I would love to hear some tips and maybe some inspiration for my presentation from you guys :)
So please leave a comment below :)

Thanks in advance !

Fatima Fabulous<3

P.s. I'm really thankful for all the followers and readers of my blog:)
Thank you so much !


  1. Hi the reason that I started writing blog it'll help me improving my English language and it gives me motivation to not give up writing about my everyday life as a diaries


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