Review: Catrice Lipstick 270 & Flomar Waterproof lipliner!

Hey Girls,

Today I'm going to review "Catrice Lipstick 270 Matt-erial Girl" and a "Flomar Waterproof Lipliner nr.229" I bought them in Germany during the holidays. I usually wear the lipstick on party's and the lipliner almost everyday. The lipliner is a really natural color. 

Lipstick Catrice Matt-erial Girl 270:

This is what the color will look like on paper, after applying it a few times on the paper! 
It's a beautiful fuchsia color, that can look a bit purplish. 

I love this color! It's really easy to apply and it's matt. I don't really like shiny lipstick, so that's good. The color is a bit intense, ( I usually wear natural light kind of colors), but it's still a beautiful color. The color remains a few hours, ( 2 to 3 hours). It's really soft and moisturizing! Price: $3,99

Flomar Waterproof Lipliner, ( natural lip color):

This is a quite natural color! It's great for everyday, (you can use this instead of lipstick)!
 It's really easy to apply and soft, (not as dark as in the picture). 

Have you tried these products? Do you like them? Would love to know, please leave a comment:)

Fatima Fabulous


  1. Ooooo I absolutely love love this color! It's so gorgeous! I've never tried these products but I'm curious how it would look on my skin tone, think I might have to go find it!

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