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Review:Essence mascara: Color Flash

Hey Girls, I got this new Essence Color mascara and I love it! It's available in pink, blue, dark blue, green, turquoise and purple! I got the dark blue color. It can also be applied on your hair!  The liquid is not that thick, but I think it's really well pigmented. You can see the color really good in daylight and very bright in sunlight!  I think the brush is too thin, I would rather have a thick one. And you need to apply a few layers to get a nice color. The price is worth it, (not that expensive), you just need the right way to apply the mascara to get more volume and length, but I still would have liked it better if the mascara had a thick brush.  Price:  €2,99. Did you try this mascara? How do you like it? Let me know! Fatima Fabulous

DIY:Pesto Minced Meet rolls

Hey Girls, This is a really easy recipe. I got inspired from a cooking show on Food Network, ( don't remember the name). They are spicy rolls filled with a delicious pesto, soft, melted cheese and minced meat. It's really nice to serve as a starter. It's slightly crunchy outside and soft from the inside. Easy and a delightful recipe, I would love to share it with you! Enjoy! Ingredients for 9 rolls: - 1 roll puff pastry - 250 gram minced meat - 1 teaspoon of chili powder - 1 teaspoon of salt - 1 tablespoon butter, (to cook the meat) - 1 tablespoon butter, (to butter the pastry with) - 1,5 tablespoon of pesto - 75 grams of grated cheese, (gratin cheese) - Ketchup (optional) Pre-heat the oven to 170 degree (°C) Celsius Cook the meat with one tablespoon of butter. Add the chili powder and salt. Cook until done. Roll out the puff pastry and butter it with melted butter and after that butter it with pesto. Now sprinke the grated cheese over the pastry. An

Beanie Chicago

Hey Girls, Yesterday I went to the Primark! I bought this cute beanie there:) Take a look<3 I love it:) Fatima Fabulous


Hey Girls, As you may have already read in my last post http: Lucky or bad day?? , I got the new Blogazine by Fashionista! Here are some foto's. Yay, suprise>> BLOGazine The back! This one is much thicker than the last one! The one on the top is the last one! I really love this magazine! There is so much fashion inspiration in this magazine, also very inspiring blogger stories. This magazine is available in Holland and it the price is:  €4,50 Did jou buy the BLOGazine too? Let me know how you liked it... Fatima Fabulous

Lucky or Bad day??

Hey Girls, We all have that one day where we feel like everything is going wrong! You wake up and don't feel like doing anything. At school you're tired and feel like time is going very slow. Or suddenly you have a test where you haven't studied for. And every little bad thing that happens you feel like crying. Your mind is full of negative thoughts and you keep attracting the negative thoughts. 30 Januari 2014 (Thursday) Today I had this bad day! I woke up and had a bad mood, I was tired and didn't feel like going to school. Last night I didn't feel so good so I didn't study for my math test. I started eight o'clock in the morning at school. And guess what we had the first hour.. PE class. And I was already so tired. But PE wasn't that bad, with a bit of music on with exercise. Then I had English class. We had some English presentations and discussed our homework..ugh! After that we had recess! Yay! Oh, wait... I also forgot my snack. I was sooo hu