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Lucky or Bad day??

Hey Girls,

We all have that one day where we feel like everything is going wrong! You wake up and don't feel like doing anything. At school you're tired and feel like time is going very slow. Or suddenly you have a test where you haven't studied for. And every little bad thing that happens you feel like crying. Your mind is full of negative thoughts and you keep attracting the negative thoughts.

30 Januari 2014 (Thursday)
Today I had this bad day! I woke up and had a bad mood, I was tired and didn't feel like going to school. Last night I didn't feel so good so I didn't study for my math test. I started eight o'clock in the morning at school. And guess what we had the first hour.. PE class. And I was already so tired. But PE wasn't that bad, with a bit of music on with exercise. Then I had English class. We had some English presentations and discussed our homework..ugh! After that we had recess! Yay! Oh, wait... I also forgot my snack. I was sooo hungry and thirsty after gym class. So I bought something at school. After two hours gym and English class, it already felt like I had a long day at school. And it was only like eleven o'clock or something. I still had a whole day at school.. Then I had history. I didn't do much. Only listened to the teacher talk, though I didn't understand or learn that much, (boring..). Then I had math :( I didn't study for the test. And I noticed it too, it went really bad. I didn't even answer all the questions, most of the questions I didn't even understand. And usually I'm actually really good in maths, I get lots of eights and nines (A and B's). This was the first math test that didn't go well. In fact I've never had an exam that went so wrong as this one!

Okay, so after that I had Physics. We had to do some experiments with electricity and lots of wires. You could do it in teams of three. I did the experiments with my friends. It didn't work:( We just couldn't figure out what to do exactly and we couldn't ask to many questions or otherwise it would effect on our grade. Stupid! Now after that it was time for recess again. I wasn't that happy about it, cause I just wanted to go home. And I had also forgot my lunch! I forgot my money at home and I just had some Euros in my bag. So I (Again) bought something at the vending machine! My headache got worse:( ! Only one lesson left and I could go home! Yay!!!
The last lesson of that day was Dutch class, but I survived, hahaha! After that I could finally go home:)! At home I was really sick of all the homework! I could almost cry, ( actually I did cry)! So I started to write a blogpost about my day! Blogging always makes me feel good, just writing everything off me:)!
Now I'm really tired, (as you already read many times in this blog, hihi). I don't want to study now, (I think you guessed that by now...)! Again negative...I don't want that, I don't like that...

31 January 2014 (Friday)
Today I also had the same kind of feeling when I woke up, but I didn't want a bad day again. And luckily my school started at 09:40 AM! So I ate my breakfast and listened to Happy by Pharrell Williams:) That helped a lot. After that I turned on the movie "The never ending story" in German, to practise for my German exam today. While I was listening to the film I looked at my math workbook, because I had another test today :( ! And after that I studied a little for my Dutch exam, that was also today. To my amazement I got a feeling that today was my lucky day, don't know why but because yesterday I had a bad day it felt like today would go better!

There is a one-year old little boy who always waves at my friend and me from the window while we cycle to school, he has a really cute and sweet smile! When I saw his smile I even got more happier. The sun was shinning too. I really felt happy, at school I had lots of fun with my friends and the exams weren't even that bad, they actually went quite good! I was really suprised. And when I got home my mother had a suprise for me! She bought the BLOGazine Fashionista magazine for me!! In the evening my dad took my sister and me to the famous Florencia ice cream shop here in The Hague city, I ate a delicious cake and pistache ice cream. Yummie!! Today I noticed that now that I'm thinking positive, I only keep attracting positive things to me, just the same as thinking negative thoughts keeps attracting negative things! Weird; yesterday I had a really bad luck day and today I have my lucky day! I have seen the film "The Secret" many times about positive thinking and atracting postive thoughts, sometimes the postive thinking worked out, but not always, it's dificult! Today I really believed it and I'm really happy it worked!

Banana split, yummie!

OMG, the coffee at Florencia is so delicious!

Fatima Fabulous


  1. Hehe I love the Happy song by Pharrell Williams too, it puts me in such a great mood! That icecream cone and banana split look super yummy!


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