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DIY: Canvas Quote

Hey Girls, Today I'm back with a very simple DIY. It's a canvas with a quote. It's looks so beautiful in your room or somewhere else in the house. It adds a very nice accent to your house. What you'll need: - Canvas - Permanent Marker First of all choose a nice quote. And then write it however you want on the canvas! That's it! You can also use different colors. I used this quote! I selected some beautiful quotes for inspiration for you! Take a look! Fatima Fabulous

De zoete zonde...bought chocolate again!!

Hey Girls, Just a few days ago I wrote a post about the Zoete Zonde, Dutch chocolate shop. As you may have read, I love that shop. Just one step in that store and you smell a delicious smell of fresh chocolate! Yummie! So my mum bought me chocolate from here! Yayy! I openened the packet and a burst of fresh chocolate smell spread, so delicious! Look at the pictures! Chocolate flavours in the pictures: - Florentine - Cupcake bonbon cappuccino - Cheesecake cupcake chocolate - Strawberry cupcake chocolate - Mokka - Cookie dough - Walnut - Creme brulee - Cookies Fatima Fabulous

Review Superman and Batman drink

Hey Girls, A few days ago my aunt bought superman and batman drinks. The tins were so cute, that I had to try them! I bought them in the Jumbo supermarket for 0.79 cent per tin. Superman Kids Super Drink: I love the tin with superman on it. Really attractive tin. It's carbonated soft drink with vitamins. It tastes just like energy drink and really sweet, it's also the same color as energy drink.  Batman Kids Coke: This is also a really cool tin, love it. This one is kids coke. It's not so superb as I expected. It's just like normal coke with lots of bubbles! So they were both tasty, but not different from energy drink or normal coke. I would buy it again just for the cute print on the tin. And instead of energie drink I'd rather buy the superman drink, because of the same flavours and it's much healthier than energy drink. Let me know when you try this, how do you like it? Would love to know! Fatima Fabulous

Interview: Artjena Autar Make Up Artist

Hey Girls Today I did an interview with the make up artist: Artjena Autar She is 30 years old, and very talented Interview with Archena Autar: 1. What do you love the most about make up? It can   really   change your appearance ,   you   can   emphasize   your   beautiful features  and   camouflage   less   beautiful features 2. Where do you get inspiration from? Bollywood movies and Youtube 3. What are your hobbies besides being a make up artist? I love yoga ,   it gives me   inner   peace that   I really   need especially   during busy   days 4. What do you want to reach in the future with your career as a make up artist? My   dream is   to go   to India and   to follow   on   bollywood   makeup   training Artjena Autar 5. What is your best make up look ever, (photo)? Smokey eyes, I love it!..It is my favourite make up look and looks perfect on photo 's >> 6. What is your favourite make up product you ever used, which brand? MAC Foundation + co

Review: Lip Crayon, NYC Riverside Rose 020

Hey Girls, Today I'm reviewing a NYC lip crayon Riverside rose number 020. I wanted a lip crayon for a long time, and finally bought one:) The crayon: The crayon is so soft, it's like lipbalm with color. And it really does make your lips soft. I personally love the color, because I love simple, natural colors, I thought that this one was less intense than I expected, but it's beautiful for every day. It has a nice soft shine, but still loved it, even tough I prefere matt lipsticks and stuff. The color lasts for about two houres, but your lips are still really soft. The stick:  The design of the stick is simple and shiny. It's twistable in the back! So you have a lot of crayon! How to apply: It's really easy to apply, just like lipstick. Fast and smooth. You can twist the crayon in the back like in the picture, the same as with lipstick and lipbalm >> Price:  € 2.99 Fatima Fabulous

Stop bullying!

Hey Girls, Bullying is bad! Bullying happens everywhere. Everyone knows that bullying makes people feel bad about themselves. Bullying hurts people and it lowers their self-confidence. I think it's important to write about it, because bullying still happens, even though everyone knows it's bad. Everyone knows that people who bully other people have problems themselves, and they find someone who is weak and can't stand up for themselves to bully. For the bullies that think it's cool, bullying is really NOT COOL at all ! I've heard a lot about bullying these days, schools are setting up anti-bully protocols. I think that's good, but does it really help?? I think it helps, but not enough. Because you learn about how people feel when they are bullied, and you get to know that bullying is bad. But still in many cases the bullying does not stop. If you are being bullied, I would say try to stop the bullying by talking to your parents about it, you can also app

De zoete zonde,"Dutch chocolate shop"

Hey Girls, There is a little chocolate shop in my town. I never tried the chocolate or even been in the shop. I thought it was just a expensive little shop, were nobody ever came... One day my mother got a chocolate box from a colleague . It was a beautifully packed chocolate box. We tasted it and it was amazing, really delicious! It just melted in your mouth with a great sweet taste. It was actually the most delicious chocolate I ever ate! No, I'm not kidding! I wasn't suprised that we already finished it in a few days. I wondered where the chocolate was from, from which shop? I looked at the name of the shop and now you can probably guess which shop it was! Yes, it was "De zoete zonde"! I couldn't believe it, such great delicous rich chocolate many years in my town, and I never tried it? Just walked by and never been to that shop? Never gave it a try? Soon we bought chocolate from that shop! So happy that my mother got chocolate as a gift, otherwise I would&

International Womens day>> Girls Rising

Hey Girls, Happy International Women's day! I'm really happy that this day exists. For all the women rigths!  It shows us how strong we are, how smart we are and how much courage we have! Watch this trailer: "Girl Rising", it's a new documentry film by director: Richard E. Robbins and written by Marie Arana. This movie tells the stories of nine girls from all over the world with heart breaking stories but who still stood strong enough to inspire other girls with hope and lots of courage! Also narrated by Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Priyanka Chopra, Anna Halthaway, Salma Hayek, Chloe Grace Moretz, Liam Neeson, Freida Pinto, Meryl Streep and Kerry Washington. We are strong and smart! We have enough courage to face the world! We can change the world! We Are Women! I almost cried while watching this trailer only! What a beautiful story! My mother had a special event for the International Woman's day and this movie was shown at her office at Shell (


Hey Girls, First of all I am a big fan of the vlogger Superwoman! I love watching her funny videos and I always feel happy after watching them. Who is Superwoman? Superwoman, (Lilly Singh) is a youtube vlogger. She vlogges about how parents react in Asian families, things that are really irritating in life,(homework..), bollywood movies or what people really think, all that in a funny way. She started vlogging because years ago she went into serious depression, she wanted to do something about it and one day she decided to be positive, she then soon started vlogging. She called herself superwoman because she always called herself superwoman when she was a kid, she felt like the name gave her strenght. Many people got inspired by her and of course liked her video. She became very populair! Now she performs in many country and she also raps! She started as a normal vlogger and now she performs on stage, raps and she also raps in the new video clip of Madhuri's new film "

Mehndi from India!

Hey Girls, My dad went to India, and got twelve mehndi cones for me:) I love mehndi, here are some pics! Enjoy! I made this design on my hand with the mehndi, I still need to practice more! I hope you liked it! Fatima Fabulous