De zoete zonde,"Dutch chocolate shop"

Hey Girls,

There is a little chocolate shop in my town. I never tried the chocolate or even been in the shop. I thought it was just a expensive little shop, were nobody ever came...

One day my mother got a chocolate box from a colleague. It was a beautifully packed chocolate box. We tasted it and it was amazing, really delicious! It just melted in your mouth with a great sweet taste. It was actually the most delicious chocolate I ever ate! No, I'm not kidding! I wasn't suprised that we already finished it in a few days. I wondered where the chocolate was from, from which shop? I looked at the name of the shop and now you can probably guess which shop it was! Yes, it was "De zoete zonde"! I couldn't believe it, such great delicous rich chocolate many years in my town, and I never tried it? Just walked by and never been to that shop? Never gave it a try? Soon we bought chocolate from that shop! So happy that my mother got chocolate as a gift, otherwise I would've never bought that chocolate, it's still expensive but it's worth it!

Recenty I treated my family with "De zoete zonde" chocolate because my blog reached 200 followers! Yummie!!
Here are some pictures of the chocolate I treated:

I hope you enjoyed this post! I definitely enjoyed the chocolate! Haha!
Fatima Fabulous


  1. Wat zien die chocolaatjes er lekker uit! Vooral die cupcake is leuk haha :-)

  2. Ja he! Ze zijn echt lekker!xx


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