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First of all I am a big fan of the vlogger Superwoman! I love watching her funny videos and I always feel happy after watching them.

Who is Superwoman?
Superwoman, (Lilly Singh) is a youtube vlogger. She vlogges about how parents react in Asian families, things that are really irritating in life,(homework..), bollywood movies or what people really think, all that in a funny way. She started vlogging because years ago she went into serious depression, she wanted to do something about it and one day she decided to be positive, she then soon started vlogging. She called herself superwoman because she always called herself superwoman when she was a kid, she felt like the name gave her strenght. Many people got inspired by her and of course liked her video. She became very populair! Now she performs in many country and she also raps!
She started as a normal vlogger and now she performs on stage, raps and she also raps in the new video clip of Madhuri's new film "Gulaab Gang" about strong women.
I got this information in her video: Draw My Life

My favourite Superwoman videos:
- Superwoman The arranged marriage
- How girls get ready
- What parents really mean
- How I clean my room
- Epic valentine's day rap battle
- A message to Mc Donalds...
- Expectations vs Reality
- The stupidest day of my life!
- 50 Random things about me!
- Things students lie about
- Things teachers lie about
- How I get work done
- Story of my life
Okay... Obviously I have a lot of Superwoman favourites!

Why shoud you watch superwomans videos?
Because it's funny, it makes you feel good, you can relate to it!
I usually watch her videos when I'm bored, my homework is done, I had a long day at school or I'm just happy!
She makes new videos every Monday en Thursdays!

Her sense of humor is just so great!
Superwoman in Bollywood, with Shahrukh Khan!

This is Madhuri's new videoclip with Superwoman!

Did you know about youtube sensation Superwoman? Do you like her videos too? Are you a fan? Would love to know!

Fatima Fabulous


  1. Omggg I love lilly singh!!! She's the best asian youtuber on youtube and bestfemale comedy youtuber too x


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