Interview: Artjena Autar Make Up Artist

Hey Girls
Today I did an interview with the make up artist: Artjena Autar
She is 30 years old, and very talented

Interview with Archena Autar:

1. What do you love the most about make up?
It can really change your appearance, you can emphasize your beautiful features and camouflage less beautiful features

2. Where do you get inspiration from?

Bollywood movies and Youtube

3. What are your hobbies besides being a make up artist?

I love yoga, it gives me inner peace that I really need especially during busy days

4. What do you want to reach in the future with your career as a make up artist?

My dream is to go to India and to follow on bollywood makeup training

Artjena Autar

5. What is your best make up look ever, (photo)?

Smokey eyes, I love it!..It is my favourite make up look and looks perfect on photo 's>>

6. What is your favourite make up product you ever used, which brand?
MAC Foundation + concealer

7. What make up look is an absolute no-go for you?

Red lips and blue eyeshadow, ABSOLUTE NO GO!

8. What is the most common mistake that most of the people make with make up?

That they do not use the right colors to match their personality and face

9. Who is your favourite make up artist?

Nicole Guirriero, she is a beauty vlogger from Miami, Florida

10. How does it feel to be interviewd?

 I feel so honoured and blessed, because it is my first interview 



Thank you very much Archena, love your make up, keep it up and I hope you get even bigger with your career! I feel so lucky that I could interview you!

Some beautiful creations of Archena's make up:

Fatima Fabulous


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