Review Superman and Batman drink

Hey Girls,

A few days ago my aunt bought superman and batman drinks. The tins were so cute, that I had to try them!
I bought them in the Jumbo supermarket for 0.79 cent per tin.

Superman Kids Super Drink:
I love the tin with superman on it. Really attractive tin. It's carbonated soft drink with vitamins. It tastes just like energy drink and really sweet, it's also the same color as energy drink. 

Batman Kids Coke:
This is also a really cool tin, love it. This one is kids coke. It's not so superb as I expected. It's just like normal coke with lots of bubbles!

So they were both tasty, but not different from energy drink or normal coke. I would buy it again just for the cute print on the tin. And instead of energie drink I'd rather buy the superman drink, because of the same flavours and it's much healthier than energy drink.

Let me know when you try this, how do you like it? Would love to know!
Fatima Fabulous


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