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Stop bullying!

Hey Girls,

Bullying is bad! Bullying happens everywhere.

Everyone knows that bullying makes people feel bad about themselves. Bullying hurts people and it lowers their self-confidence. I think it's important to write about it, because bullying still happens, even though everyone knows it's bad. Everyone knows that people who bully other people have problems themselves, and they find someone who is weak and can't stand up for themselves to bully. For the bullies that think it's cool, bullying is really NOT COOL at all !

I've heard a lot about bullying these days, schools are setting up anti-bully protocols. I think that's good, but does it really help?? I think it helps, but not enough. Because you learn about how people feel when they are bullied, and you get to know that bullying is bad. But still in many cases the bullying does not stop.

If you are being bullied, I would say try to stop the bullying by talking to your parents about it, you can also approach a teacher you trust. You can also try to talk to the bully yourself.

Also, you can try not to react to what the bully is saying, just ignore the bully all together, he/she will get bored of bullying you and hopefully stop.

Being bullied feels really bad! So if you think someone is being bullied or you know someone who is being bullied for sure, please help that person and go to the teacher or DO something. Let that person being bullied know that he/she is not alone. And remember the bullies are immature: they have got a probem not you!

Nothing that makes someone feel bad is good!!

And there is a difference between bullying and just teasing! Teasing is just saying something to someone as a joke, where that person can laugh with you. But bullying really hurts people, and they can't laugh about it!

Many times, victims of bullying remember it for a long long time, as it is a wound given that is hard to heal, it is not visible, but many times more painful than a visible wund/injury.

Types of bullying:

Physical bullying: Any physical contact with a person, like hitting, punching or kicking.

Verbal bullying: Calling a person bad names, making bad jokes about someone and saying bad things about how someone looks like or their religion or habits.

Indirect bullying: spreading lies, secrets or rumors about someone.

Social Alienation: Pointing out differences in others, lock someone out of the group.

Intimidation bullying: Using threats to frighten others.

Cyber bullying: Sending bad messages or ugly pictures of someone to someone.

Demi Lovato was bullied too, watch this short clip about it:

Please share this! Let's make a change!

Fatima Fabulous


  1. Fabulous blog from a beautiful, intelligent young woman!


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