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Review: Essence Longlasting Lipstick: Barely there!

Hey Girls, Today Im going to review an essence longlasting lipstick: Barely there . I chose this color because, I love natural colors, and this one is like dark but still natural looking. The outside of the lipstick: It's black with a ring in the middle. The ring has the color of the lipstick. So that's easy to see which color the lipstick is. The lipstick: The lipstick itself is kind of matt with a light shine. It's really soft for your lips. And is very well pigmented. I personally love the smell of it, it just smells like a really expensive lipstick:) The thing I don't like about the lipstick is that it's supposed to be longlasting, but the color fades in about two hours:( Price:  € 2,39  How do you like this lipstick? Would love to know ! Leave a comment:) Fatima Fabulous

Healty Smoothie: Strawberry Apple

Hey Girls, This is a simple, delicious and refreshing smoothie I made! Read more and enjoy! You can use a bottle to fill the smoothie! Ingriedients: - 1 sweet apple - 8 fresh strawberries - Water, half of the bottle - Milk, half of the bottle Wash the fruit. Cut the apple in little pieces and remove the green from the strawberries. Put the apple, strawberries, milk and water in a blender, and blend it, until everything is well blended and the smoothie is a bit thick of texture. Before drinking the smoothie, shake it very well. I love this smoothie because it's easy and there is no sugar added, and so very healthy. Refreshing on a hot summer day. You can also drink this as breakfast. I hope you liked it! Let me know if you have tried this smoothie, would love to know! Fatima Fabulous

Spam your blog!

Hey Girls, Today you can spam your blog! Would love to discover more blogs. Leave a link to your blog in the comments, and I will take a look at your blog too! Fatima Fabulous

H&M Earcuff Earrings

Hey Girls, Just a few days ago I went to the H&M. I still had a giftcard left from my birthday presents. So I bought some fabulous things. I bought these beautiful earcuff earings, I love them so much. I was standing in the queue to pay for this cute shirt below. And thought just going to check the jewellery before I pay for the shirt. Those earrings were the first things I saw, I grabbed them and a few seconds later I was standing in the queue to pay for the shirt and earrings. I didn't even doubt a second about buying the earrings:) Have you got earcuff earrings too? Would love to know! Fatima Fabulous

Dove Patches: Important Message!

Hey Girls, Usually I always find advertisements on youtube so annoying, that I always skip them. I mean you want to watch something and a stupid advertisement shows up. Sometimes you can't even click it away, and you have to watch the whole advertisement. Yesterday I was watching something on youtube. I heard a women talking about that she felt very refreshed this morning. I saw this ad was from Dove, I thought it would be like for a facemask or something. But then I heard that another women felt more confident with it and different with the patch on? What patch? The title was: "Dove: Patches". So I was curious how a patch could make you feel confident or different in a good way. And I watched further. They were talking about women testing a revolutionairy product. Apparently they were talking about the RB-X beauty patch that helps women perceive their own beauty. How could a patch help with perceiving your own beauty? Curious? Watch the video! Dove invites al wo

Heavy Henna Design

Hey Girls, A few days ago I wanted to put some henna on my hands. As you may have read in the post:  Mehndi from India , I got a lot of mehndi from India. Its been a long time since I put henna on hands, (okay it was just a few weekes ago, but for me it feels like a long time). So I just put some henna on my hands. I was so bored, so I just kept putting it on and on. Didn't realize that I already put on so much henna:) So the design on the inside of my hand is really full... Both designs are nice for party's! That's what I wanted to share with you:) Take a look! Fatima Fabulous

Review: Essence Gel Eyeliner Waterproof

Hey Girls, Today I'm reviewing an essence waterproof gel eyeliner. I was curious how a gel eyeliner would be like. Never tried it. So had to try it! Enjoy! The pencil: It's just like a normal eyeliner pencil. Not different from the others. The only thing different is that you can twist the pencil in the back. So you dont have to sharpen the pencil every time, Annoying.... But be careful that you don't twist it too much it's easely breakable. I already broke it while taking photo's, but I can still use it.  Applying: It's sooo easy to apply. Easier than normal eye pencils. Really smooth. And a beautiful result. Won't fade away easily, but you can easily remove it with make up remover. Result:   I like the gel eyeliner very much. And it's very well pigmented. It looks so beautiful! Price:  € 2.99 Did you try this gel eyeliner? Would love to know, leave a comment!x Fatima Fabulous

Simple Cinnamon Rolls

Hey Girls, Cinnamon! I love it! A few weeks ago I made some delicious cinnamon rolls. They are so easy to make and awesome for high tea party's or a nice get-together with friends! While baking you smell a delicious smell of cinnamon;) Ingredients for 8 rolls: - 1 roll puff pastry - 1 tablespoon of butter - Cinnamon powder - Brown sugar Roll out the puff pastry. Melt the butter and butter the pastry with it. Then sprinkle some brown sugar and cinnamon on the pastry with butter. Add a little bit more sugar than cinnamon. Now roll the pastry up and cut it in 8 pieces. Put them in the oven for about half an hour at 170 degrees. Tip: Serve hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yummie! Do you like cinnamon rolls as well? Did you make them? Would love to know! Fatima Fabulous