Dove Patches: Important Message!

Hey Girls,
Usually I always find advertisements on youtube so annoying, that I always skip them. I mean you want to watch something and a stupid advertisement shows up. Sometimes you can't even click it away, and you have to watch the whole advertisement.

Yesterday I was watching something on youtube. I heard a women talking about that she felt very refreshed this morning. I saw this ad was from Dove, I thought it would be like for a facemask or something. But then I heard that another women felt more confident with it and different with the patch on? What patch? The title was: "Dove: Patches". So I was curious how a patch could make you feel confident or different in a good way. And I watched further. They were talking about women testing a revolutionairy product. Apparently they were talking about the RB-X beauty patch that helps women perceive their own beauty. How could a patch help with perceiving your own beauty? Curious?
Watch the video!

Dove invites al women to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety!

I think this is a brilliant idea! It showes that nothing can change the way you feel or see yourself but your own mind. The patch is just a piece of paper. The only one who can make you feel more confident or happy is you. If you believe it! You just have to believe in yourself. To be beautiful you have to feel beautiful!!

The human mind is so strong! You always think I'm not good enough for anything! Well then it's really like that. You feel bad and everything starts to go wrong. If you start believing you can do something, it will become easier. You feel like it's easy. Because you are attracting it with your mind! It's like gravity. The earth attracts everything on earth. Otherwise you would be floating like in space. If you drop something it will fall on the ground, because the earth is attracting it! Your mind works the same. It attracts what your thinking and feeling. A negative thought will let your mind attract more negative thoughts, because you are feeling bad. A positive thought will give you a good feeling right! You feel happy, and everything will work with you, because the mind is attracting postive thoughts. You can attract so many things: Fame, wealth or even friends. Just like Jack Canfield! He wasn't rich, but with this believe and positive thought he became very rich. Now he has everything he ever wished for! He is an inspiration. And a successful writer.

Start today to stay more positive, start with helping others and receiving thankful smiles. That makes you feel good. You will automatically smile too. Don't regret so much, but appreciate what you have, instead of thinking about the things you don't have. I can say one thing you sure have right now: A laptop, computer or mobile where you are reading this artikel on right now!
Are you really in a bad mood? Then just put on "Happy by Pharrell Williams". Always makes you feel good!

If you don't understand what I'm saying watch this film: "The secret: the law of attraction",(2006). It's on youtube. Inspirational people explain the law of attraction to you in their own stories.

Now it's easy to say, than actually do it yourself! I try to be positive, sometimes you just have a bad day! But after writing this it seems like I taught myself the law of attraction all over again. I feel much better! Just because one Dove ad on youtube.
Okay, I just wanted to do a short artikel about the Dove Patch, but it turned out to be much longer than I expected, (I think I'm going to sleep now, I always write the longest articles in the night. I have been writing for so long it's already four o'clock in the morning :o).

I hope this article will help you! Are you gonna start thinking more positive or be more grateful? Let me know, I would be so happy to know if this article helped you in any way !

Fatima Fabulous


  1. I am so proud of you ! Love your mom :)


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