Healty Smoothie: Strawberry Apple

Hey Girls,
This is a simple, delicious and refreshing smoothie I made! Read more and enjoy!

You can use a bottle to fill the smoothie!
- 1 sweet apple
- 8 fresh strawberries
- Water, half of the bottle
- Milk, half of the bottle

Wash the fruit. Cut the apple in little pieces and remove the green from the strawberries. Put the apple, strawberries, milk and water in a blender, and blend it, until everything is well blended and the smoothie is a bit thick of texture. Before drinking the smoothie, shake it very well.

I love this smoothie because it's easy and there is no sugar added, and so very healthy. Refreshing on a hot summer day. You can also drink this as breakfast.

I hope you liked it! Let me know if you have tried this smoothie, would love to know!
Fatima Fabulous


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