Review: Essence Longlasting Lipstick: Barely there!

Hey Girls,
Today Im going to review an essence longlasting lipstick: Barely there. I chose this color because, I love natural colors, and this one is like dark but still natural looking.

The outside of the lipstick:
It's black with a ring in the middle. The ring has the color of the lipstick. So that's easy to see which color the lipstick is.

The lipstick:
The lipstick itself is kind of matt with a light shine. It's really soft for your lips. And is very well pigmented.
I personally love the smell of it, it just smells like a really expensive lipstick:)
The thing I don't like about the lipstick is that it's supposed to be longlasting, but the color fades in about two hours:(

Price: € 2,39 

How do you like this lipstick? Would love to know ! Leave a comment:)
Fatima Fabulous


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