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Design Your Own Magnum!

Hey Girls, I went shopping with my mom and sister yesterday. It was really fun! When we were in the big warehouse Bijenkorf The Hague, I saw that you could design your own Magnum! It looked so fun, so I had to try it! Look at the pictures! What's on my Magnum? I chose a white chocolate Magnum, so the Magnum got dipped in a melted white chocolate sauce. Then I chose: almond slices, hazelnut pieces and white chocolate slices to put on my Magnum. Then the hot melted milk chocolate on top with white chocolate pieces.>> There were a lot of different things to put on your Magnum. There was also chili sugar or something like that, I wanted to try it, but if I didn't like it, the whole Magnum would go to did not take that risk.. Taste? Of course it was delicious! First of all it's Magnum, second of all I chose all of my favourite things to put on my Magnum:) I love this idea of a personalised Magnum!  Have you tried it? Would love to know! Fatima

DIY: Henna Case

Hey Girls, Today I want to share with you a DIY that I made a few weeks ago. It's really easy, and looks very creative. Take a look and get inspired:)  Enjoy! What you will need: - Henna - Old wooden case - Varnish - Paint brush First make sure the case is clean and dust free. Start by making designs with the henna on the case. If you are doing this for the first time, I would advice you to draw some designs with a pencil before putting the henna on. Let it dry well. When it is dry, apply the varnish with the brush on the case. Make sure the henna is dry, before applying the varnish! That's it! You can use it to put your cellphone in it or maybe your lipstick stash! Be creative! Hope you liked it! Let me know if you tried this DIY, would love to know! Fatima Fabulous

Trip to Amsterdam!

Hey Girls, Today I went to Amsterdam for school. It was a fun day and I would like to share it with you! I didn't make much photo's, because I didn't have much time. We first got a tour at the famous Rijksmuseum, where, (not a very long time ago), President Obama visited:).  It wasn't very much fun, but not that boring either. We saw some beautiful paintings with lots of information, which wasn't that amusing... But got through it! After that we got maps, and the teachers said we had two hours to walk to the Nemo: Science Center, so we could have fun, eat and shop! I walked with my friends. It was very exiting, especially beacause it was a big city. Instead of following the map, (that we didn't understand much), we opened the GPS on my friends phone. We first walked to: "De Dam". Next to De Dam was the most famous warehouse shop "Bijenkorf" in Holland. We did go in the shop, but just for a quik look. On the way to the Nemo: Scien

Shoe Obsession??

Hey Girls, As you may have read in some of my blogpost, I'm obsessed with shoes! I have so many shoes, and still keep buying them.  Do you have a shoe obsession? How many times do you recognize yourself in these phrases?  - Omg, those shoes totally go with that dress that I'm going to wear to the party, must buy them!! - Aaaaahhhh... shoes only for  € 9.99? Have to buy them, won't find shoes like that again! -  I think I need new shoes for that party, my other 40 pairs don't really match the dress perfectly. - Two voices in your mind: Will those boots look good on me with those pants for the winter? Definitely, but winter is so far away... Who cares, buy them!! - Everyone is wearing those shoes! How can I not have them??  - Those shoes look so fashionable. Need to buy them, they look so unique. They are just screaming: "Buy me, Buy me"! Won't let them suffer! Me:"Don't worry shoes I'll buy you". - In the future I will