Design Your Own Magnum!

Hey Girls,
I went shopping with my mom and sister yesterday. It was really fun! When we were in the big warehouse Bijenkorf The Hague, I saw that you could design your own Magnum! It looked so fun, so I had to try it!

Look at the pictures!

What's on my Magnum?
I chose a white chocolate Magnum, so the Magnum got dipped in a melted white chocolate sauce. Then I chose: almond slices, hazelnut pieces and white chocolate slices to put on my Magnum. Then the hot melted milk chocolate on top with white chocolate pieces.>>
There were a lot of different things to put on your Magnum. There was also chili sugar or something like that, I wanted to try it, but if I didn't like it, the whole Magnum would go to did not take that risk..

Of course it was delicious! First of all it's Magnum, second of all I chose all of my favourite things to put on my Magnum:)

I love this idea of a personalised Magnum! 
Have you tried it? Would love to know!

Fatima Fabulous

This is my sister's Magnum with Strawberry


  1. wish we had this in the uk looks yummy

  2. This looks delicious! I would love to try this one day! Great post.

  3. Oh my!! Dat ziet er heeeerlijk uit! X Liefs


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