Shoe Obsession??

Hey Girls,

As you may have read in some of my blogpost, I'm obsessed with shoes! I have so many shoes, and still keep buying them. 

Do you have a shoe obsession? How many times do you recognize yourself in these phrases? 

- Omg, those shoes totally go with that dress that I'm going to wear to the party, must buy them!!

- Aaaaahhhh... shoes only for 9.99? Have to buy them, won't find shoes like that again!

I think I need new shoes for that party, my other 40 pairs don't really match the dress perfectly.

- Two voices in your mind: Will those boots look good on me with those pants for the winter? Definitely, but winter is so far away... Who cares, buy them!!

- Everyone is wearing those shoes! How can I not have them?? 

- Those shoes look so fashionable. Need to buy them, they look so unique. They are just screaming: "Buy me, Buy me"! Won't let them suffer! Me:"Don't worry shoes I'll buy you".

- In the future I will have a big walk-in closet, only for my lovely shoes.

- Omg, I cannot believe, I still don't have green flats yet. I need shoes in every color!

- Noooo.. those shoes are sold-out in my size in that webshop! Consequence: Check every day a hundred times if you're size is finally available, ( Okay , I had that:), finally they had my size, but I was too late to buy them, and my size went out of stock again).

- I need new sport shoes, the others are too old.

- Discount? Shoes? Where? Tell meeee!!! NO, I don't care which shoes you are wearing to her birthday party, we were talking about the shoe sale, you know...

Okay, some of the phrases are a bit to over, but sometimes it's really like that! Made the phrases myself, haha! 
How many did you recognize? Would love to know in the comments!

Fatima Fabulous

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  1. I know you, and it's sooo true !!!! Haha : ) xxx


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