Trip to Amsterdam!

Hey Girls,
Today I went to Amsterdam for school. It was a fun day and I would like to share it with you!
I didn't make much photo's, because I didn't have much time.

We first got a tour at the famous Rijksmuseum, where, (not a very long time ago), President Obama visited:).  It wasn't very much fun, but not that boring either. We saw some beautiful paintings with lots of information, which wasn't that amusing... But got through it!
After that we got maps, and the teachers said we had two hours to walk to the Nemo: Science Center, so we could have fun, eat and shop! I walked with my friends. It was very exiting, especially beacause it was a big city. Instead of following the map, (that we didn't understand much), we opened the GPS on my friends phone. We first walked to: "De Dam".
Next to De Dam was the most famous warehouse shop "Bijenkorf" in Holland. We did go in the shop, but just for a quik look.
On the way to the Nemo: Science Center we walked by a lot of souvenir shops. We looked in several shops, but in one of the last shops I found this cute bag below for 19,99. I was looking in a lot of shops for this bags, but here it was the cheapest.
At the end we saw a "Starbucks" shop next to the Central Station. And I didn't want to leave, without buying a Starbucks coffee! So in the "Starbucks", me and my friend asked for a ice coffee. We got an Americano Iced Coffee.
When we got the ice coffee, it was black! I was expecting an ice coffee with milk. We tasted it, and it was discusting, (bitter)! We immediately put in a lot of coffee milk and kept putting sugar in the coffee. The taste was getting better, but not delicious. Anyway, I still finished my coffee, and my friend threw it away, after a few sips.
After that we walked to the Nemo, it was fun with my friends, but we had to do some work in a stupid exercise book. Which was really boring!

After all I had a very nice day, but I will definitely will never drink the Starbucks Americano Iced coffee again,(right now I want a Starbucks Frappuccino:)!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Have you tried the Starbucks American Iced coffee? Would love to know in the comments!

Fatima Fabulous

Totally love this bag!
Sitting at "De Dam"

Me and my friends in Nemo!


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