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Ramadan Mubarak!

Hey Girls, As you may already know, tomorrow starts Ramadan! I already wish you a beautiful Ramadan! Fatima Fabulous

Photo Diary: London Trip 2014!

Hey Girls, Two weeks ago I went to London! There was a school holiday, so it was nice to spend the weekend with my family in London.  See this photo diary, and enjoy the London trip;) Breakfast at 06:43 am in Mc Donalds... Just arrived in England, after travelling more than 7 hours! We were hungry!! We ate in a delicious Indian restaurant, I ate this chili chicken with roti! I was in Southall and on every corner there were corn stalls selling delicious hot & spicy corn! This is the famous, (and also very expensive...),  warehouse: Harrods! Gucci :) There was a Halal snackbar, where my sister ate this yummy burger! Hmmm... This Paneer Dosa was sooo Delicious! Mega Perfume Bottles:) Refreshing Mango Lassi! Bought a TeenVogue in the Tesco supermarktet :) Hope you enjoyed, (I did:) Fatima Fabulous My evening tea!

10 School/Teachers Irritations!

Hey Girls, We spend a lot of time at school! Of course we have lots of irritations with that. So today I wrote 10 school irritations, but I'm sure there are much more! Enjoy and relate! 1. Most irritating thing in the morning, (because of school): The Morning Alarm! 2. When teachers ask you to answer a question when your hand wasn't even raised. 3. When a teacher hears someone whisper and then every 5 minutes says: "If you don't keep quiet you will spend all your free time after school, writing the whole dictionery!" 4. We get homework because?? All those hours of learning, working and listening weren't enough! 5. When teachers think they are so cool and totally living in this generation, when they are not! 6. When teachers check your homework the one time you didn't make it! 7. When teachers don't check your homework the one time you did make it! 8. When the last 5 seconds of class the teacher screams you have homework!! 9. When

6 Year Old Warrior Aliza, Fighting with Cancer!

Hey Everyone, Aliza is a six-year old girl who is fighting with cancer since the age of four. She has a rare kind of childhood cancer called: Neuroblastoma. The doctors in The Netherland have stopped her treatment, and they're not going to continue the chemotherapy anymore. They don't have hope anymore. But she won't give up, she will win this hard battle! She needs our help and support to get the RIST Therapy to survive. What you can do to help! You can spread this news. Atia, the mother of Aliza needs support too, please let her know you are there for them! You can also donate for her Therapy. Go to this site for more information: Please help Aliza to have a normal childhood without pain or sadness! She needs our support! Share this for this strong warrior princess: Aliza! Fatima Fabulous

My New Nikes!

Hey Girls, You don't know how long I've been looking for the perfect nikes! Okay, beside that I have so many pairs of shoes... I really needed new sneakers! My old Adidas are a bit torn. So here are my new Nikes. Totally love them! Specially that Neon kind of pink/orange touch on the nikes. Take a look! My brother wanted to show his new Nikes on my blog too:) Have you got this kind of nikes too? Or are you going to buy them? Would love to know! Fatima Fabulous