10 School/Teachers Irritations!

Hey Girls,

We spend a lot of time at school! Of course we have lots of irritations with that. So today I wrote 10 school irritations, but I'm sure there are much more! Enjoy and relate!

1. Most irritating thing in the morning, (because of school): The Morning Alarm!

2. When teachers ask you to answer a question when your hand wasn't even raised.

3. When a teacher hears someone whisper and then every 5 minutes says: "If you don't keep quiet you will spend all your free time after school, writing the whole dictionery!"

4. We get homework because?? All those hours of learning, working and listening weren't enough!

5. When teachers think they are so cool and totally living in this generation, when they are not!

6. When teachers check your homework the one time you didn't make it!

7. When teachers don't check your homework the one time you did make it!

8. When the last 5 seconds of class the teacher screams you have homework!!

9. When the last day of school before any holiday, suddenly all the teachers decide to give all the tests and homework right after the holidays.

10. Right after recess you need to go to the toilet, and the teachers say: "You just had recess for that!", well I'm sorry that I didn't have to go then??!!!

Of course there are also nice things about school like friends, some school trips, some nice teachers or....
Okay that's it, but these irritations of school are just funnier to write about and there are much more of them:)

Hope you liked it!
Fatima Fabulous


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