6 Year Old Warrior Aliza, Fighting with Cancer!

Hey Everyone,

Aliza is a six-year old girl who is fighting with cancer since the age of four. She has a rare kind of childhood cancer called: Neuroblastoma.
The doctors in The Netherland have stopped her treatment, and they're not going to continue the chemotherapy anymore. They don't have hope anymore. But she won't give up, she will win this hard battle!

She needs our help and support to get the RIST Therapy to survive.

What you can do to help!
You can spread this news. Atia, the mother of Aliza needs support too, please let her know you are there for them! You can also donate for her Therapy.

Go to this site for more information:

Please help Aliza to have a normal childhood without pain or sadness! She needs our support!
Share this for this strong warrior princess: Aliza!

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