My New Nikes!

Hey Girls,
You don't know how long I've been looking for the perfect nikes! Okay, beside that I have so many pairs of shoes... I really needed new sneakers! My old Adidas are a bit torn.
So here are my new Nikes. Totally love them!
Specially that Neon kind of pink/orange touch on the nikes.

Take a look!

My brother wanted to show his new Nikes
on my blog too:)
Have you got this kind of nikes too? Or are you going to buy them? Would love to know!
Fatima Fabulous


  1. Wauw, te gek! Ik ben echt fan van Nikes! Ik heb zelf air max met metallic koper/oranje, donker blauw en roze, misschien ook n's delen op mijn blog! iig zijn jouwe onwijs leuk!! X

  2. OMG i love them They are soo nice
    Tapestry of glam


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