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July Favorites 2014

Hey Girls, There are some products that I have been loving this month! I have been using these a lot recently. So today I'm going to show which products I've been using! Let me know if you want me to review one of these products, I already reviewed some. Enjoy! Vaseline: Spray & Go This is so easy to apply and perfect for when you're in a hurry. You just spray it on you arms or somewhere else and rub it in, it dries very quikly and leaves your skin feeling very soft. Just Spray & GO:) Price:  €6,89 Kruidvat: Beauty Oil I had a little scar under my eyebrow, so I put this oil on it and it really helped. I applied it for a few days and the little scar is gone:) It makes your skin really soft, it's not only for your face but also your body. Price:  € 5,95 Dry shampoo: So...? Lovely I've kind of been obsessed with washing my hair, even though I knew washing your hair almost everyday is very bad for your hair. SO the perfect solutio

Eid Henna

Hey Girls, Tommorow is Eid! The end of the beautiful month of Ramadan. A lovely day, where we celebrate Eid with our family. We pray and also we all eat delicious dishes, and wear fancy traditional Indian clothes. Of course we can't forget to put beautiful mehndi/henna on our hands! So I collected all of my henna designs that I put on my and my sister's hands in Ramadan. These designs are really nice for Eid. And of course already a happy eid! Take a look, and enjoy! I used these mehndi cones, they are SO good! You get a really nice dark red/brown color! I really hope you liked it! Once again I wish you all a happy Eid! Fatima Fabulous

Review: Essence Blush Up: Heat Wave

Hey Girls, A week ago I saw an essence blush in the drug store: the Blush Up: Heat Wave , it looked so beautiful, specially with the ombre colors! I really wanted a blush, so a few days ago my mother bought it for me:) Thank you mom! I got the Blush Up: Heat Wave, but if you want a more pinkish color you can also get the esssence Blush Up: Pinky Flow. SO today I'm going to review it for you! Enjoy! Essence Blush Up: Heat Wave Packing: It's just packed in a normal plastic transparent case, and it's reasonably easy to open. The color of the Blush: I personally LOVE the color of the blush, it has a nice ombre effect from peachy orange to a nice pink color. Perfect for a fresh summer look! The Blush itself: It's very easy to apply on your cheeks with a brush! Nice powder blush. After a couple of times of brushing it on your cheek, you will get a nice mixed peachy/pink color, which I think is great because the peachy orange looks very natural and if you w

ABC Summer Tag

Hey Girls, My summer vacation just started, and I'm feeling soooo relaxed! No school stress/ worries, no tests or homework. I have this happy and exited feeling to blog and do creative things the whole time, so you will find lots of DIY's and other post for the next weeks on my blog, because I'm so inspired and in a good mood to make lots of posts:) So today I thougth of a special tag; The ABC Summer Tag! I don't know if this tag already exists, I just thought of the tag a few minutes ago:) But I hope you enjoy, this is also the first tag I ever did on my blog! This is how it works: I make a list of things I want to do this summer in the order of the alphabet:) I want to... - A void negative thoughts - B e and stay inspired for my blog - C omplain less about little things - D rink more water   D ecorate my room - E at healthier - F ollow more amazing bloggers with bloglovin - G ive away a lot of my old clothes to a charity     G et to know more amazi

DIY Room Decoration With And For Your Little Brother

Heyy, Want to  spend more time with your little brother?  Make a simple DIY project with them and they will love it!  My brother (4 years old), is obsessed with al those Marvel Superheroes, specially Spiderman! He is always so exited to draw or paint one of those superheroes. I always love to make DIY's, and thought it would be fun to make a DIY with him. I just moved from my room to a bigger attic room and he got my old room, so now he still has some girly wallpaper and stuff of mine there. So we made a DIY to make the room more approperiate for boys.  My photo frame is really old, I made it when I was seven or eight years old, but I think the design of my frame, ( that I couldn't scrape of) , still looks like a design with the black paint on it. WARNING: It can get really messy!! Specially when you let your little brother paint, like in the pictures!!! So make sure you cover up all your things that you don't want covered in paint. What you'll need

DIY Hair Bow

Hey Girls, A few days ago watched a video of Bethany Mota on youtube. I got inspired and made a hair bow! It's really easy and cute! Let's bring the bow trend back!! Have fun! What you'll need: - A peace of fabric - scissors - fabric glue (or glue gun) - superglue (or glue gun) - hairpin Fold the fabric two times double, like in the picture. Lightly glue the sides together, so it will stay firm and in its place. Fold it again, and glue these sides together as well. You can pin it after applying the glue to let it dry. Now pinch the middle of the fabric to get a bow shape, and glue it again. Take a little piece of fabric, fold it a few times, and create a strip. Wrap it around the bow and glue it in the back. I think it's a bit confusing to follow my steps, so just look at the pictures and then maybe read my steps: again) I also made a Black Flower Bow: Hope you liked

A New Day by Fatima Fabulous

Hey, I've made a poem to start your day with. It's about not waiting for the perfect moment to do something good, but start today! Start with a smile!! A new day, another chance, another day to change my plans. to live, to laugh and to love,  and do something to be proud of. to hate less and love more, what are you waiting for? A new day, another opportunity, to set things right in this community. to wake up and dream out loud, where every good thing, is allowed. A new day, another smile, not just for once in a while to chase your dreams, it's easier than it seems. be the change you want to see, let it go and just let it be. Fatima Fabulous P.S. Hope you liked it

DIY Golden Ring

Hey Girls, I've made a simple DIY with a simple flexable bracelet. It's so easy, it only takes a few minutes! Enjoy! What you'll need: - Pliers - flexibel bracelet First cut the bracelet like I already did in the picture. Bend it a bit and try to fit it on your finger. Keep bending it around you finger with the pliers untill you're happy with the design. Don't immediately throw away the left overs of the bracelet, cause you can make a little ring for your pinky finger, just like I did in the pictures! The Back Hope you liked it! Let me know if you made this DIY! Would love to know Fatima Fabulous