A New Day by Fatima Fabulous


I've made a poem to start your day with.
It's about not waiting for the perfect moment to do something good, but start today!
Start with a smile!!

A new day, another chance,
another day to change my plans.
to live, to laugh and to love, 
and do something to be proud of.
to hate less and love more,
what are you waiting for?

A new day, another opportunity,
to set things right in this community.
to wake up and dream out loud,
where every good thing, is allowed.

A new day, another smile,
not just for once in a while
to chase your dreams,
it's easier than it seems.
be the change you want to see,
let it go and just let it be.

Fatima Fabulous

P.S. Hope you liked it


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