ABC Summer Tag

Hey Girls,
My summer vacation just started, and I'm feeling soooo relaxed! No school stress/ worries, no tests or homework. I have this happy and exited feeling to blog and do creative things the whole time, so you will find lots of DIY's and other post for the next weeks on my blog, because I'm so inspired and in a good mood to make lots of posts:)

So today I thougth of a special tag; The ABC Summer Tag!
I don't know if this tag already exists, I just thought of the tag a few minutes ago:)
But I hope you enjoy, this is also the first tag I ever did on my blog!

This is how it works:
I make a list of things I want to do this summer in the order of the alphabet:)

I want to...

- Avoid negative thoughts
- Be and stay inspired for my blog
- Complain less about little things
- Drink more water
  Decorate my room
- Eat healthier
- Follow more amazing bloggers with bloglovin
- Give away a lot of my old clothes to a charity
   Get to know more amazing people
- Have a manicure
- Introduce my blog to more people
- Join with fun activities
- Keep my eyes open for new oppertunities
- Love the rain on hot days
- Meet a famous blogger
- Notice a good change in me
- Organize my closets in a different way
- Play on the wii more often:)
- Quietly sit and enjoy the peace in my free time
- Relax
- Shop a lot of new fashionable clothes
- Try new hairstyles
- U 2 smile:)
- Vaccuum my room, this sounds silly, I really keep my room tidy, but I'm always to lazy to get the vaccuum and vaccuum my room, I usually just use the dustpan, because my room is the attic and the vaccuum is downstairs...
- Work myself in good shape
- X- This one is really difficult, maybe you know something?
- You to follow your dreams
- Zing my favourite songs:) haha

I hope you liked it! 
Again I don't know if this tag already exists, would be funny if it does though! Feel free to take this tag over, but please let me know, I would really love to read it on your blog! Just leave a comment and leave a link to your blog!
Love you!

Fatima Fabulous


  1. I love this

  2. haha ik ben ook te lui om te stofzuigen :p ook omdat de stofzuiger altijd ergens anders staat


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