DIY Room Decoration With And For Your Little Brother

Want to  spend more time with your little brother? 
Make a simple DIY project with them and they will love it! 
My brother (4 years old), is obsessed with al those Marvel Superheroes, specially Spiderman! He is always so exited to draw or paint one of those superheroes. I always love to make DIY's, and thought it would be fun to make a DIY with him.
I just moved from my room to a bigger attic room and he got my old room, so now he still has some girly wallpaper and stuff of mine there. So we made a DIY to make the room more approperiate for boys. 

My photo frame is really old, I made it when I was seven or eight years old, but I think the design of my frame, ( that I couldn't scrape of) , still looks like a design with the black paint on it.

WARNING: It can get really messy!! Specially when you let your little brother paint, like in the pictures!!! So make sure you cover up all your things that you don't want covered in paint.

What you'll need:
- An old or new picture frame
- Tiny Spiderman or an other toy
- Black acrylic paint
- Black or dark blue permanent marker
- Red paper
- Superglue
- Scissors
- Optional: Acrylic varnish

First paint the frame black and let it dry well, (we were painting and after a while my brother got bored, so he left, then he came back much later... So make sure they don't get bored and do the DIY with you :)
If you want to put the varnish on the frame as well, then make sure the paint is dry.

Glue the little spiderman wherever you or your brother (or of course little sister) wants on the frame with the superglue.
Let it dry again, and cut out a rectangle in the size of the inside of the frame on the red paper, like in the picture and draw a spiderweb with the peramanent marker on the red paper.

Put the red spiderweb paper in the frame and your Spiderman Frame is done!
Easy right!

You can make a lot of these, simply by variating colors and Marvel Superheroes!

My desk after only 5 minutes of painting!

Cleaning up:)

Do you do a lot of DIY/crafts with your younger siblings? 
Let me know:)

Fatima Fabulous


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