Eid Henna

Hey Girls,
Tommorow is Eid! The end of the beautiful month of Ramadan. A lovely day, where we celebrate Eid with our family. We pray and also we all eat delicious dishes, and wear fancy traditional Indian clothes. Of course we can't forget to put beautiful mehndi/henna on our hands! So I collected all of my henna designs that I put on my and my sister's hands in Ramadan. These designs are really nice for Eid.
And of course already a happy eid!

Take a look, and enjoy!

I used these mehndi cones, they are SO good! You get a really nice dark red/brown color!

I really hope you liked it! Once again I wish you all a happy Eid!

Fatima Fabulous


  1. The Henna design is so gorgeous! I love henna as well :) Is the mehndi cone you used a more liquidy type or is it a paste? Just wondering because it's so difficult to find a good cone these days!

    Thanks :)

    1. Thank you! It's mehndi paste in a cone! x Fatima


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