Review: Essence Blush Up: Heat Wave

Hey Girls,

A week ago I saw an essence blush in the drug store: the Blush Up: Heat Wave, it looked so beautiful, specially with the ombre colors! I really wanted a blush, so a few days ago my mother bought it for me:) Thank you mom!
I got the Blush Up: Heat Wave, but if you want a more pinkish color you can also get the esssence Blush Up: Pinky Flow.
SO today I'm going to review it for you!


Essence Blush Up: Heat Wave

It's just packed in a normal plastic transparent case, and it's reasonably easy to open.

The color of the Blush:
I personally LOVE the color of the blush, it has a nice ombre effect from peachy orange to a nice pink color. Perfect for a fresh summer look!

The Blush itself:
It's very easy to apply on your cheeks with a brush! Nice powder blush. After a couple of times of brushing it on your cheek, you will get a nice mixed peachy/pink color, which I think is great because the peachy orange looks very natural and if you want a bit more color it's nice to mix it with the pink.

How to apply:
Make kind of a duckface or make your lips like a fish and apply the blush on your cheekbone just above the under cheek, with the brush. I found the perfect example on internet, look at the picture below.

Okay, everybody knows how to apply blush, but this is the most easiest way without having blush all over your cheeks. You only need to apply it on your cheekbones to create a nice depth. If you want more depth, apply a bronzer just under the blush.

This is what the blush looks like on my cheeks. Actually it's much more pigmented, just because of the lightning it looks lighter. As you can see my cheeks look darker in the first picture and lighter in the second picture.

Price: 3,95

It's a good blush with a good price! I love it! It really gives me that summer feeling:)
Do you have this blush too? How do you like it?

Fatima Fabulous

P.S. This is my 100th blogpost:)


  1. wauw best mooi zomers kleurtje!

  2. oh hij staat je echt super mooi! inderdaad echt een zomerkleurtje

  3. Ombre blushes zijn zo mooi! En deze kleuren-combinatie is heerlijk zomers!

  4. Wat een prachtige blush, perfect voor de zomer! X


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