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Review: Maybelline BB cream Dream Pure

Hey Girls Today I'm reviewing the Maybelline BB cream: Dream Pure. I really wanted a nice BB cream, because it's a like a good cream for your skin with a color! It's good for your skin as well:) And very natural looking. Take a look! The packing: I think the tube is so cute! I love it. And the opening is like a tiny hole, so you don't get too much cream at a time. What it's supposed to do:  - Conceals imperfections - Helps protect against the appearance of blemishes - Oil-free, non-greasy - Minimises the appearance of pores - Clearifies the skin's look - Conceals redness - Hydrates and smoothes - Complements skin tone The cream: This one is the matte one, the tube with the pink color,(Dream Fresh), is more shiny. Which I don't really like. So I'm happy I bought this one:) It feels just like a normal cream on your skin, not very heavy. It makes your skin feel really soft, smooth and conceals redness. And it works like


Hey Girls, I just reached 500 followers!! I remember reaching 100 followers and posting about it, and now I reached 500 followers, I'm so happy! Thank you all so much! I love you! Fatima Fabulous