Review: Maybelline BB cream Dream Pure

Hey Girls
Today I'm reviewing the Maybelline BB cream: Dream Pure. I really wanted a nice BB cream, because it's a like a good cream for your skin with a color! It's good for your skin as well:) And very natural looking.
Take a look!

The packing:
I think the tube is so cute! I love it. And the opening is like a tiny hole, so you don't get too much cream at a time.

What it's supposed to do: 
- Conceals imperfections
- Helps protect against the appearance of blemishes
- Oil-free, non-greasy
- Minimises the appearance of pores
- Clearifies the skin's look
- Conceals redness
- Hydrates and smoothes
- Complements skin tone

The cream:
This one is the matte one, the tube with the pink color,(Dream Fresh), is more shiny. Which I don't really like. So I'm happy I bought this one:) It feels just like a normal cream on your skin, not very heavy. It makes your skin feel really soft, smooth and conceals redness. And it works like sunscreen, because there is SPF 15 in it. This color is perfect for my skin color, but there were not very much colors you could choose from..
For me this BB cream does what it promises!

Price: €9,99

I love this BB cream! Let me know if you also use this BB cream or if this review was helpful:)

Fatima Fabulous


  1. Ik gebruik deze ook graag :)!

  2. Ik heb de andere en die is idd erg shinny.Ben best benieuwd naar deze!

  3. I've never used a BB cream before but I've always wanted to. I should try this one!

  4. The colours on the packaging make me want to buy it :p


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