Simple Back To School DIY's

Hey Girls,
School has started, (at least for some of us) and instead of feeling sad about it, you can make some simple DIY's to make your school year more trendy and fun :) So I made two simple DIY's that you can easily make in less than 5 minutes.

School DIY's:
1. Fashion notebooks
2. Sticky notes for your school agenda

1. Fashion Notebooks
Some notebooks are just really boring! Like you look at them and you're already not in the mood for school. I'm just cutting some fashion pictures out of an old H&M magazine and gluing it on the notebook cover:)
Easy way to personalize your notebooks!

Decide which picture you want and where you want it, don't glue it immediately!

Then you can cut out a shape out of white paper and glue it on the picture to write the subject, your class and name! (Wiskunde means Maths in Dutch:)
I had this notebook before, but I don't really like the bike in the front, soooo let's glue a fashion picture on it:)

That's it:)

2. Sticky notes for your school agenda
This one is really handy and cute! Need some sticky notes? They're in your school agenda! I learned this one from my best friend:)

Just stick some sticky notes inside the cover, to stick it to in the agenda you can use a bit of nail polish ;)

I also put these in my sisters school agenda!

Did you also make these DIY's? Let me know!
Fatima Fabulous


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