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Mini Primark Fall Haul 2014

Hey Girls, So yesterday I went shopping! And yes I do shop a lot, that's why I don't buy to many stuff at a time and I keep posting those MINI shopping hauls:) Haha.. But I got some cute things at Primark, so take a look:) Cute owl scarf, I love to wear these warm scarfs in the Fall! Price: € 7,- Little nude/pink bag. Price:  € 4,- Flower earring, price is ofcourse two euros like in the photo! Long golden ring! And the price is 2,50 euros like in the picture:) Did you buy any of these things? Fatima Fabulous

Mini Fall Haul clothes 2014: H&M

Hey Girls, Yesterday when I was shopping, just stopped by H&M again. Thinking that I would only take a look and maybe buy one top. But they had a crazy sale! Because fall has started the cropped tops were on sale, like three to ten euro's each top. But you can still wear cropped tops in fall with a high-wasted skirt ot jeans and a warm cardigan over it! They are so fashionable and I love them, (but I always wear them with a high-wasted skirt and a cardigan..). So here are the tops I bought at H&M, and read how I would style them! First cropped top! This one will look so nice with a black shirt under it and a gold statement necklace! This one was like  €14 ,99, but I got it for  € 7,00! Now this one is a thight fitting, so I would wear this with a black high- wasted skirt and legging, ( so that I stay covered), and a big burgundy cardigan! This was also  € 9 ,99 and I bought it for  € 3,00!! Omg, this cropped sweater is seriously so comfortable! And I lo