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Primark Haul Fall/Winter 2014

Hey Girls, Guess what.. I went to the primark again, as I needed some warm sweaters, I bought some more stuff:) And there was also a crazy sale... Can you believe this necklace was two euros?? Well, it was and it's beautiful:) Skirt: Sale: 3 euros. Top: I think 17 euros...don't remember.. I love this oversized warm mickey mouse sweater:) It's 14 euros! Another cute oversized sweater with hearts for 17 euros:) Aaaah, is it me or do I absolutely love oversized clothes?! Look at this cute cardigan, I got it for 17 euros! This beautiful laced bordeau top is super sjiek! It was 8 euros! Bordeau Beanie:) 2,50 euros This really cute, comfy and super warm nightsuit is great for the winter! I also got one from Paul Frank:) It was 10 euros. This is it:) I hope you enjoyed. Let me know which purchases you like the most. Fatima Fabulous

Instagram fatima.fabulous

Hey Girls, Yesterday I signed in for instagram for my blog. Just to share some inspiring photo's or pictures of the diy's or henna that I did:) Follow me and leave a link of your instagram below in the comments. Name of account: fatima.fabulous Love you, Fatima Fabulous