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Birthday Haul!

Hey Girls, It was my birthday last month, so I celebrated it with my friends at home, we watched white chicks:) Hilarious!! And the next day I celebrated it with family, it was so much fun:) I often see those birthday hauls on other blogs, and I love to read them, so I wanted to make one too, maybe you like it or it will just be nice to look back on this post again, so I can remember what I got on my birthday this year:) What I got from my friends! Beauticology shower and bath set, with lot's of different soapes and creames! Essence Nailpolish, Superfine Eyeliner and Rock Out Blush! Cute statemet necklace and earrings! Love it! Delicious smelling scents for your room! You can put one of the scentchips on the glass holder and put a candle under, so it's going to warm up and the chip is going to melt, which will leave a delicious smell! Yayy, delicious smelling perfume, shower gel's and creams! A really sweet friend made this for me, with

Mini Shopping Haul Primark Winter 2014

Hey Girls, Just stopped by the primark again! Bought some cute stuff! Take a look! Statement necklace, and it was like 10 euros, and I got it for...wait it may be shocking.... 3 euros!! Cute rings, I love these and as you can see in the photo it was 3 euros! Peppermint flavoured Lip Balm, when you open the lid, you immediately get that stong peppermint scent, which I love! It was 1,50 euros. Omg, look how cute this thermos is! It was 5 euros! These beautiful nails are so cool! But actually I never wear nails, just bought them because they're so cute and maybe I'll wear it someday..They were 1,50 euros! Hope you liked it! Did you bought any of these things? Let me know! Fatima Fabulous

New Dr.Martens

Hey Girls, Last friday I went to: De Broodfabriek in Rijswijk (Holland). It was an Exlusive Private Sale: E.P.S. A friend of mine told me about this, and I just had to go! A sale with lots of brands like: Supertrash, Uggs, Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger. The reason I went there was for Dr. Martens boots. I thought maybe if I'm lucky I'll find them a lot less expensive then they already are. Because the ones I wanted were like 144,95 euros. As the folder said: Up to 85% sale! I definitely had to go! To enter you had to pay only 1 euro. So as I went in there, there were stalls with clothes and shoes everywhere it was like a market. So I was a bit disappointed because I didn't see any brands.. But luckily my dad and I found a small section with brands like: Adidas, Versace and other ones, and also Dr. Martens!!! I was so happy when I found them. And guess what the price was! 70 euros!! That may still sound expensive but compared to the actual price it's a lot cheaper.