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My Favorite Winter Tea Collection!

Hey Girls, It may sound weird but Winter is actually one of my favorite seasons! Because you can wear lots of layers of clothes and I love to put together new styles. And you can wear big cozy sweaters, cute boots and of course drink hot chocolate everyday. But what I actually drink everyday is tea! I am almost, no actually I am, obsessed with tea, I can't continue my day without drinking at least two cup of tea's. I also drink tea in summer, but in the winter it seems like it's tastier, because it's cold outside and a hot tea just makes your day! And it also counts as water intake, which is great for me, cause I don't drink much water.. So you actually have guessed by now that I must have some favorites in tea! Here are some of my favorites this season: Lipton Lemon Tea  This one is so refreshing! I like to drink this one after school, when I'm tired or something. Lipton Green Tea Mint Did I mention my favorite kind of tea is


Hey Girls, Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom So I've been wanting to join some sport ..... or something for years now, and I've been doing some work-outs at home lately, but I still wanted to join a martial art sport! A few weeks ago I got interested in boxing, I've never done it or thought about it. But shortly after I watched the Bollywood movie: Mary Kom, which is a true story of the boxer Mary Kom who struggled through a lot to box, and has won the Olymic games in boxing and after having twins as well, I really got inspired to box even more, and by coincidence a few weeks later we also practised a lesson boxing at PE (at school) as well! Now you may have figured out that I couldn't help to join a trial lesson in boxing soon. So last week I joined a class with a friend who was also interested in boxing. My experience first lesson (ladies boxing lesson): I was really nervous, of how it would turn out to be, because I thought maybe it isn't as fun as it look

Centro Oberhausen Shopping!

Hey Girls, Recently I've been to Centro Oberhausen, I just love to shop there! Especially in the holiday season, because I love all the nice decorations and of course the discount! So I always visit Centro with my family a few times a year! And there are 220 shops, I know that's a lot, I have been there so many times before, but still each time I kinda go crazy when seeing so many shops! What I bought! Bought these cute sneakers from Bershka, they were 29.95 euros and I got them for 9,99 euros! So happy!! I love the high plateau! Just love these shoes, got nothing else to say:) Lindt Chocolate:) I always buy Lindt chcolates at Galleria, they have those unique flavors and I can't wait to try this one! So these were my favorite things that I bought in Centro! Dinner! So in Centro you have this big spot were you can sit and eat, and it's surrounded with all kinds of snackbars. Luckily there is Halal food as