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Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom

So I've been wanting to join some sport ..... or something for years now, and I've been doing some work-outs at home lately, but I still wanted to join a martial art sport!

A few weeks ago I got interested in boxing, I've never done it or thought about it. But shortly after I watched the Bollywood movie: Mary Kom, which is a true story of the boxer Mary Kom who struggled through a lot to box, and has won the Olymic games in boxing and after having twins as well, I really got inspired to box even more, and by coincidence a few weeks later we also practised a lesson boxing at PE (at school) as well!

Now you may have figured out that I couldn't help to join a trial lesson in boxing soon. So last week I joined a class with a friend who was also interested in boxing.

My experience first lesson (ladies boxing lesson):
I was really nervous, of how it would turn out to be, because I thought maybe it isn't as fun as it looks or can I do this? But what I loved about it, was that the lesson was so intense that I already started sweating and my face became red only after five or ten minutes. Like we did a warming up then some push ups after that some squats and then we started some boxing moves, which were really fun by the way.. So, yes I enjoyed doing push-and sit ups and the really hard things, I almost gave up. But I've had so much fun with the kicking and punching, it felt so good. Like a good stress relief.
I want these!
After the lesson I felt so good, I felt fresh, (beside all the sweating.., I mean from the inside..fresh:), with new energy. So actually I liked it even more than I expected!
The only less fun thing is the smell of the boxing gym...most smelliest gyms....haha

After all as you probably already, of course noticed, I loved it and I'm going to another trial next week:)

Please let me know if you box or are planning to box or something, or if this article was helpful! 
Also I really recommend watching the movie Mary Kom, for extra inspiration!

Fatima Fabulous

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