My Favorite Winter Tea Collection!

Hey Girls,
It may sound weird but Winter is actually one of my favorite seasons! Because you can wear lots of layers of clothes and I love to put together new styles. And you can wear big cozy sweaters, cute boots and of course drink hot chocolate everyday.
But what I actually drink everyday is tea! I am almost, no actually I am, obsessed with tea, I can't continue my day without drinking at least two cup of tea's. I also drink tea in summer, but in the winter it seems like it's tastier, because it's cold outside and a hot tea just makes your day! And it also counts as water intake, which is great for me, cause I don't drink much water..

So you actually have guessed by now that I must have some favorites in tea!
Here are some of my favorites this season:

Lipton Lemon Tea 

This one is so refreshing! I like to drink this one after school, when I'm tired or something.

Lipton Green Tea Mint

Did I mention my favorite kind of tea is Green Tea? I love it, specially this Mint flavored one!

Winter Tea Orient Sunset

No tea makes me get into the winter spirit more than this Winter Tea! This has the delicious taste of cinnamon and ginger! A perfect Winter Day starts with this tea!

Pickwick Caramelised Pear

Do I need to say more..the picture and name speak for themselves! Cinnamon and Caramalised Pear..
The thing that I actually love about all these flavours is that they are all full of taste, you can really taste all the flavours that are named.

Are you also a tealover? Which one is your favorite?
Would love to know!

Fatima Fabulous


  1. Leuk artikel! Zelf drink ik eigenlijk alleen earl grey, Engelse thee of Ierse thee (alles wat donker en sterk is en lekker is met suiker en melk).


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