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Act of kindness

Hey Everyone, Today I went shopping in Rotterdam and was actually p ositively surprised by a group of young muslims giving out roses to people. When I got a rose too, I asked them what they were trying to achieve by this. The answer: To spread awareness that Islam stands for peace, friendship and kindness towards each other.  And that this is a good opportunity to get to know people just by having a simple chat. I really wanted to give these positive people a shout out, because I really have respect for what they are trying to do. They are from the Dutch Islamic Federation, please support them and share this! We are all humans and should live together in peace and no one should feel unsafe or unwanted in this society! I asked them if I could take some pictures to share on my blog, because such good people should be heard and seen! Thank you :) I want to thank these people for such a good initiative! Keep it up! Fatima Fabulous

Spring Shopping (Only, Claires and Primark)

Hey Everyone, Today I went shopping in The Hague centrum:) I bought some really nice things that I absolutely love. And I actually didn't think I'd buy something, but I always buy something when I go shopping... Take a look at what I bought and where I went: Only. Love this cute shirt, thought these items looked nice with it! Claires Bought this cute choker for 4,99 euros. Primark Okay, I saw this choker after I bought the one from claires..this one was 2,50 euros, but still happy with both! Now how cute is this Batman mug? Got it for 2,50 euros! Bought these for jogging:) This was it, hope you liked it! I sure did:) Are you also such a big shop-A-holic as me? Let me know in the comments! Fatima Fabulous

Spicy Winter Pasta

Hey Everyone, Recently I made this delicious pasta with my cousin and aunt. We were hungry and made up this recepe. It's spicy and extra nice to eat in the winter. What I love the  most about this recepe is that it's really easy to make and super tasty! Keep reading for the deicious recepe! Ingriedients: - Penne Pasta 500 gram, (we used whole wheat pasta) - 2 packs of 500g tomato puree - 150 ml creme fraiche - 4 tbl spoons of oil - fresh parsley - half a leek - 1 tbl spoon of chilly powder, ( you can add less or more, depends on how spicy you want it) - 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder - 3 to 4 cubes of chicken bouillon cubes - 1 teaspoon of soya saus - 1 teaspoon of garlic powder - a pack of grated cheese - Maltesers and chips...joking, just for snacking while cooking:) Don't forget to wash your hands before cooking! 1. Chop the parsley and leek, (wash it first). 2. Start to boil water in a big pan with the pasta in it. Tip: P