Act of kindness

Hey Everyone,

Today I went shopping in Rotterdam and was actually positively surprised by a group of young muslims giving out roses to people.

When I got a rose too, I asked them what they were trying to achieve by this. The answer: To spread awareness that Islam stands for peace, friendship and kindness towards each other. 

And that this is a good opportunity to get to know people just by having a simple chat.

I really wanted to give these positive people a shout out, because I really have respect for what they are trying to do. They are from the Dutch Islamic Federation, please support them and share this!

We are all humans and should live together in peace and no one should feel unsafe or unwanted in this society!

I asked them if I could take some pictures to share on my blog, because such good people should be heard and seen! Thank you :)

I want to thank these people for such a good initiative! Keep it up!

Fatima Fabulous


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