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Review: Adorable Matt Essence Longlasting Lipstick

Hey Girls, A while ago I got this beautiful longlasting lipstick by Essence. I personally love matt lipsticks so had to try this one! It's actually too red for me, but I thought I'd give it a try and you can always apply it lightly! Lipstick from the outside: These Essence Longlasting lipsticks are simple from the outside, there's a ring in the middle that shows you the color of the lipstick, so it's easy to recognize the color if you have more of these. The lipstick: Loving the pigmentation of this lipstick! It's a nice pop of color. The lipstick is really moisturizing for your lips even though it's matt, because a lot of matt lipsticks are so matt you can hardly apply it on your lips, and this one is just smooth. I've done an Essence Longlasting review before and that was the Barely There, the lipstick is supposed to be longlasting but that one fades in about 2 houres, (but it's my favorite color so still use it a lot)! This one