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How I got my leg in a plaster for 6 weeks..

Hey Everyone, Last week Wednesday just when I parked my cycle at school, I locked it and grabbed my bag, I felt my kneecap moving to the side and then moving back to its position, right after that I fell on the ground. I couldn't move my leg, it was too painful, so I just sat there crying. I was lucky there was a friend with me. She helped me call my mother on my phone, but of course my phone didn't really work, (I'm not really good at keeping my phone safe, I drop them quite often..), so I'm glad I could call my mother on my friends phone. My mother said she'll be there in a minute, (how glad I am that she was not at work that day). Soon two other friends came to see what happened and took someone from school with them. They were coming with a wheelchair, which is when I already started stressing about how I'm going to sit on it, because I still couldn't move my leg. Actually that wasn't really a problem, because they lifted me on the wheelchair, and