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Hey Everyone,

I've been contacted with this new brand before and I unfortunately missed the premiere of their brand.
But I checked their site a while ago, I am really surprised on how unique their shoes are! The thing I like the most about the shoes, is that they all give a good message. Their first collection is called Smoke-less and it's so beautiful! I love to read the messages given with the shoes.

This is a design I really like with the message and all:

Our lungs are vital; it’s as simple as that. It is wise to keep them healthy if you really wish to live longer. Healthy lungs mean the ability to breathe properly, which will hopefully allow you to enjoy life as the miracle it is. The cyan blue we used also reminds us of the sky, the open air, i.e., an active life, with quality.
More designs with beautiful messages:
Our designer’s inspiration for the PASSIVE line came from how he feels whenever he enters a room full of smoke: dizzy, nauseated sometimes and always with a feeling of receiving a poisonous second hand gift in the shape of smoggy clouds. As a former smoker, he can appreciate that.

The tobacco leaf is beautiful, just like natural things tend to be. Our goal was to emphasize the beauty of tobacco in its natural form as opposed to cigarettes. Those innocent-looking leaves could be the source of all evil, but they are not, if they remain where they belong: hanging in trees.

This is our most discreet shoe. Its color is a symbolic representation of smoke. It’s meant for those people who wish to join our proposition without the buzz the other designs provoke.

It’s arguably our most obvious design. Inspiration came from the fact that smoking is uncool, it is out, because it makes you look ugly. So, the idea is to drop it, let the cigarette fall, let it go. Even if you find smoking fashionable, colorfully glamorous, it isn’t something you should be proud of.

My most favorite design and message are the ones with the tobacco leaves, I think no one thinks about the leaves like that, they are also a part of the nature, but now used as something to pollute the nature.
I really like this collection, obviously, maybe you already noticed that on my instagram!
This was my first reaction when I saw their first collection, they posted it on facebook.

Not only do I love the messages they say, but also how they styled the shoes with their outfit!

What do you think about the messages? Which ones are your favorite? Let me know!
Fatima Fabulous
Standfor Website:


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