Story Behind My Obsession with Quay My Girl

Hey Everyone,

Warning! You might get an obsession with these glasses after reading this.. Read on your own risk..

Remember my last post? About how badly I wanted the My Girl Quay sunglasses? Well, I finally got them! I can't tell you how happy I am, well if you have the same obsession as me with these glasses, then I'm sure you know what I'm talking about..

Story Behind My Obsession
So let's get to the very first beginning..
I have been watching Pretty Little Liars for about two months, I'm on season 3 right now. Okay, not important, but that's how I got to know Ashley Benson or Shay Mitchel more. So I sometimes watch videos from the youtuber Fouseytube, and I saw that he pranked Shay Mitchel, so I watched it, (haha, really enjoyed it). Then I saw that they did another video together on Shay's channel, I didn't knew Shay had here own youtube channel. That's how I started to watch her vlogs, I loved them, because some of them were Travel vlogs and I love to travel. Her videos are really inspiring, that makes you want to get out of your lazy chair and go explore new cities and countries. And one of the first thing I noticed in her Morocco vlog, that she had different sunglasses almost everyday. That's when I thought I want to have a collection sunglasses like that! And immediately after watching the vlog I looked for for fashionable sunglasses like that. I soon ended up on the Quay Australia website, which I kind of recognized from Bethany Mota's videos. But I saw beautiful unique sunglasses of Quay, and yes that's where I found out Shay had her own collection at Quay! There weren't much left, so I searched on google and that's when I saw her wearing the Quay My Girl sunglasses, I was like: I Need These!
So I googled more picture's of the glasses, and as I searched I fell in love with the glasses more and more. That's when I searched for the glasses on some websites, but I couldn't find them, and I read that they were Limited Edition, and I also saw that only three days ago Quay had them on sale for a day or something, and now they were all sold out..
Now this may not sound that nice, but I have this thing, that when I like something and I unconsciously keep looking for it, I won't stop looking for it until I found it, sometimes a look- a-like or something, but not always, this time I needed these glasses! After searching almost every site who has ever sold them, I searched on Ebay and Amazon, but I want new ones, and they were a lot more expensive than Quay actually sells them. So I followed Quay and I commented on so many Instagram photo's of girls that already bought these glasses, like where did you buy them? Do you know if they are coming back in stock soon? Just desperate questions. I was constantly on the internet looking for these glasses, I held several tabs open on my laptop in case they get back in stock for a moment. But then I saw that they were available on the Quay Australia site, so I only waited like half an hour, holding the tab open, for ordering these with my mom, and then, literally half an hour later, they were GONE! Omg, I almost cried, my grandma, sister and my mother felt sorry for me, but still thought I shouldn't be upset about some glasses. But I didn't give up, (you should have noticed by now, how crazy I am), so I kept doing the same thing for about two or maybe three days and guess what..

I was sitting with my Cousin/BFF in my garden checking Instagram, when I saw a photo of the glasses on the Quay Australia instagram saying: Psst..Topshop, so I immediately ran, (kind of hopped with my crutches, read: How I got my leg in a plaster for 6 weeks), and opened my sisters laptop and checked the UK Topshop website, and that's when I finally found them, and for once there wasn't written: Sorry, this item is out of stock. So I immediately got my mother to order these and I couldn't believe it when I got the email, that confirmed they were ordered and they will be shipped to Holland in less than a week, on word: Breathless.

Okay, this story of mine, turned out longer than I expected..
But don't care, I got my glasses now:)

What I love about these glasses:
I have never got a pair of cat eye sunglasses, but these are too beautiful. And I also never buy sunglasses online, because you can't try them out, but when I saw these I just had to get these, I didn't think about how they would look or anything. After all I'm really happy with these, and I think they suit on everybody, on any face shape. Also love the blue mirrored lens and of course the silver detailing! Some people don't like the Quay logo on the sides, but honestly I love it, I think it looks better!

My Tip: 
Keep looking, you may find it on the most unexpected timing. People who are still looking, good luck! You'll find them!

The Obsession Is Real!

You have the same obsession? Let me know!
Fatima Fabulous


  1. Shay rocks 'em so well!! I'm sure you would too :)
    They look heaps amazing, although I feel my face is too small and round for them *sigh*

    On a side note, DIE HARD PLL FAN TOO!! You must catch up! The latest episodes move a lot more faster and don't just drag on haahaha! Some of the middle episodes around season 4 get super repetitive in the whole A game thingo, but defs worth watching till the end! :)

    1. Omg PLL!! I'm on season 4 right now! Can't stop watching!


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