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Mega Designer Outlet Sale Haul!

Hey Everyone, Just a few days ago I went to Roermond with my family, my dad said there is this Designer Outlet, I thought the prices should be a bit lower than normal, but I didn't actually think it would make such a difference! So I thought I'll just enjoy coming to a new city, because I've never been here! When we got there, there were so many people with designer bags from Micheal Kors to Mexx, it just looked so nice! Also it was like walking in a cute village, because each designer shop was like a beautiful cute house! So we went in a few shop, and I was already so surprised with the amazing prices like everything was like 50% cheaper than it normally is. Just to great to describe! So we bought a lot of stuff, but here are the things I bought! Maybe my sister will make a blog post about the things she bought!  L'orĂ©al Paris Infallible Lipstick I got this for only 8,50 euros and it's normally like 16 or 17 euros! Soo cheap! And it's such a beautif

Paper Towns Notebooks DIY

Hey Everyone, As you may have read in my Bershka and River Island Shoes  post, I'm a big fan of the Paper Towns book/movie! I've been wanting to do a Paper Towns DIY for a long time. So my little brother wanted to do some crafts with me and I started to paint a bit on paper with him. But then I realized I just bought some notebooks for school and they were black without any designs so I could make them more colorful! That's when I came to the idea to make a Paper Towns DIY! The only things you need to make this DIY are some brushes, acrylic paint, colored paper, glue, sponges and simple notebooks! I cut out a leave and a heart and put it on the paper, then painted over with the sponge! I love this quote from Paper Towns, so I wrote this on a paper and painted it blue on the edges with the sponge! This one turned out to be really messy, but I think it looks okay, I just had to make one with arrows and I love traveling! This is how t

Bridal Henna Workshop by Love Henna By Farah

Hey Everyone, I have this really talented aunt: Farah! She is a Henna Artist, she puts her beautiful henna designs on people, specially brides, makes her own henna, also sells it, and gives super fun and helpful workshops every now and then. As I am a really big henna fan, I was given an opportunity to join one of her Bridal Henna Workshop yesterday, that I absolutely loved! Enjoy reading! Preparations! First Farah taught us a lot about Henna, the origin, which henna not to use, do's and don'ts if you would like to become a henna artist like her and taught us how to make your own henna paste! We got this learning material with the slides from the presentation to take notes and there are also some basic designs in there! We learned how to make our own henna with her recipe, we made this in groups! Time for lunch! Delicious sandwiches, Chicken pastry (halal of course), Salmon with cream cheese wraps, and also fruit skewers, t

Bershka & River Island Shoes Haul!

Hey Everyone, So I went shopping at the city center The Hague with my grandma last Thursday, we shopped and she took me to the Paper Towns movie! I loved the movie, I've been wanting to see it since I read the book, which was absolutely my favorite book I ever read! There were really small differences with the book, but there always are some differences in movies from the book, so it's okay! Get Ready For Some Serious Shoe Craziness!! Bershka Super big sale at Bershka I just couldn't stop buying shoes..feeling incredible and crazy at the same time! Burgudy Chunky Shoes : I have been wanting these for a long time! At first they were 45 Euro, but I got them on sale for 12,99 Euro.. I know crazy right! White Wedge Sneakers : They were 39,99 Euro and I got them for 12,99! Love the pricing and shoes of course! Black Chunky Shoes : Also got these for 12,99! They are soo comfy!! River Island