Bridal Henna Workshop by Love Henna By Farah

Hey Everyone,

I have this really talented aunt: Farah! She is a Henna Artist, she puts her beautiful henna designs on people, specially brides, makes her own henna, also sells it, and gives super fun and helpful workshops every now and then.
As I am a really big henna fan, I was given an opportunity to join one of her Bridal Henna Workshop yesterday, that I absolutely loved!

Enjoy reading!


First Farah taught us a lot about Henna, the origin, which henna not to use, do's and don'ts if you would like to become a henna artist like her and taught us how to make your own henna paste!

We got this learning material with the slides from the presentation to take notes and there are also some basic designs in there!

We learned how to make our own henna with her recipe, we made this in groups!

Time for lunch! Delicious sandwiches, Chicken pastry (halal of course), Salmon with cream cheese wraps, and also fruit skewers, that I unfortunately don't have a picture of, but really delicious !

Farah's simple design to show us how to make a beautiful design like this one! (Fatima Fabulous is not written on it, just put it there like in every picture, so you know it is me)

First we practised some designs with a pen, this is my paper.

Next step: practising with henna on paper! My favorite part!

First hand on the picture (below on the right) putting mehndi/henna on paper is mine!

Two oils we used to make the henna paste, her recipe will be online on her You Tube channel soon!

Farah demonstrating a design on my cousins hand!


I'm practising a Fessi (Moroccon henna design) on paper and also practicing the design with henna on paper.


Cute design on my hand by Farah!

This is a Henna Certificate we got because we followed the course!

We got a cute goody bag, with these things:
-Henna Powder
-Little soap
-Nail polish
-Henna Cone made by Farah herself
-An empty Henna cone, so we can fill it with our homemade Henna and recreate a cone like that.
- Love Henna By Farah Business card 

Henna design inspired by the workshop, made it today with the henna I got from the workshop! (some fingers are a bit orange, that's just the henna).

I put this on my sister's hand after I got back from the workshop, the design I practiced in the workshop. Look at this color, only after 24 hours after applying it! It keeps getting darker for about 48 hours!

Are you a crazy henna fan like me, find this workshop interesting or thinking of becoming a henna artist? Follow Farah on social media for inspiration and be the first to join her course. I can guarantee you it will be a lot of fun! Thank you so much Farah - Love Henna !

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Also follow me on Instagram, I post henna designs every now and then! Instagram Fatima Fabulous

I really enjoyed this workshop, and I'm really proud to say Farah is my aunt, really happy she is doing this, also really inspired!

Fatima Fabulous


  1. Amazing!!


  2. Proud of you both! Love your mom :)

  3. How pretty! I love how intricate henna is. It's so detailed and the designs are always so unique!

  4. The designs look beautiful!You did an amazing job on your sister!
    Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.

  5. Love love love! Henna fanatic here too! Hehehe... Not the best at it, but I guess I am still learning :)

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