Mega Designer Outlet Sale Haul!

Hey Everyone,

Just a few days ago I went to Roermond with my family, my dad said there is this Designer Outlet, I thought the prices should be a bit lower than normal, but I didn't actually think it would make such a difference! So I thought I'll just enjoy coming to a new city, because I've never been here!

When we got there, there were so many people with designer bags from Micheal Kors to Mexx, it just looked so nice! Also it was like walking in a cute village, because each designer shop was like a beautiful cute house! So we went in a few shop, and I was already so surprised with the amazing prices like everything was like 50% cheaper than it normally is.
Just to great to describe! So we bought a lot of stuff, but here are the things I bought! Maybe my sister will make a blog post about the things she bought! 

L'oréal Paris Infallible Lipstick
I got this for only 8,50 euros and it's normally like 16 or 17 euros! Soo cheap! And it's such a beautiful color, and best of all it's matte! I love matte lip make up!

Yes, you're seeing it right! They were 5 euros each!

I've been wanting these for such a long time! My other Nikes were worn out, so needed new ones. My mom bought these for me!

Mexx Bag

This is me walking through all the designer shops, yes it felt soo good!

I loved shopping here! I really recommend this place to visit! I'm definitely going to visit Roermond Designer outlet again!

Fatima Fabulous


  1. That looked like plenty of fun, and you picked up some good finds, too!

    Maggie Dickman

  2. Never heard of Mex before but their bags look very stylish! Good finds

  3. Wat een leuke schoenen! Veel plezier ermee

    Liefs, Melike


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