Paper Towns Notebooks DIY

Hey Everyone,

As you may have read in my Bershka and River Island Shoes post, I'm a big fan of the Paper Towns book/movie! I've been wanting to do a Paper Towns DIY for a long time. So my little brother wanted to do some crafts with me and I started to paint a bit on paper with him. But then I realized I just bought some notebooks for school and they were black without any designs so I could make them more colorful! That's when I came to the idea to make a Paper Towns DIY!

The only things you need to make this DIY are some brushes, acrylic paint, colored paper, glue, sponges and simple notebooks!

I cut out a leave and a heart and put it on the paper, then painted over with the sponge!

I love this quote from Paper Towns, so I wrote this on a paper and painted it blue on the edges with the sponge!

This one turned out to be really messy, but I think it looks okay, I just had to make one with arrows and I love traveling!

This is how they all turned out! 

This is the back from the notebook with the leave!

This is how my table looked afterwards!

My little brother drawing on left! And my sister and I were drinking ice tea while doing crafts! Sadly my jar on the left broke a few hours later:(

I hope you liked this DIY! 

Are you a mad Paper Towns fan like me?


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